:: (DIY) Decorate Blank Walls for Cheap ::

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Ever wanted to decorate the drab walls in your home or office but not spend a fortune on artwork? Me too. In the process of looking for artwork to grace our walls it became obvious that canvases cost too much, posters looked cheap, and Ikea wasn’t cutting it anymore. We needed large panels to accompany our high ceilings. My wife came across this article that provided us with the perfect solution … Fabric Panel wall art. You could customize the size of your “canvas”, choose your own fabrics/art, and it wouldn’t cost triple digits. Winning!

– Canvas stretcher bars
– Fabric
– Nail gun or heavy duty stapler

We purchased the canvas stretcher bars ranging in various sizes from 18″ – 42″ at Blicks in Berkeley, but you can order online at Utrecth. The cost was roughly $2-$4 for each bar. We hopped over to the Crate and Barrel Outlet to purchase fabric at $5/yard. Ended up getting five different designs. Make sure to purchase enough to wrap around your canvas stretcher bars. The total cost for these five panels, plus two more we haven’t built, was about $80.

Step 1. Connect the stretcher bar pieces together. You may need to hammer in some corners a bit. Also, keep the numbers facing the same direction.

Step 2. Iron out the wrinkles of your fabric as much as possible. The wrinkles should disappear if you stretch the it firmly enough. Lay the connected stretcher bar frame over the back of the fabric.

Step 3. Two people are needed for this step so one can pull the fabric tight while the other staples. Do the long sides of the frame first followed by the shorter sides. Trim off any extra fabric that hangs past the inner edges of the frame. To finish the corners, tuck in the extra fabric as if you’re wrapping a present and then staple it down. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it looks tidy from the front.

Step 4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once another sale goes on we are going to be on the hunt.


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  1. BeerLuver

    Very cool idea Steve. Thanks for sharing this. Looks really nice; plus love the red color for the wall 😉

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