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First of all, I am thankful to all of you who are donating to a worthy cause. Originally, this collaboration between Erik Otto and myself was meant to be an honest meeting of the minds. I recently finished designing my asian, calligraphy-inspired alphabet. I thought why not make a poster from it? The vision was that each letter would be decorated individually as its own world. Erik came to mind for this collaboration. His use of houses, waves, and organic, hand drawn elements would compliment each letter properly. As timing would have it, our vision altered beast into an unexpected body of work.

Step 1. This was my original layout which allowed for each letter to be built upon. The characters were inspired by kanji symbols, calligraphy and graffiti of course. Creating this in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet allowed me control over the thickness of the brush strokes. I probably tried drawing each letter about 15-30 times. The Photoshop file was then sent over to Erik on Feb 16.

Step 2. I checked in with Erik once a week to see where things where at. Knowing of his busy schedule I didn’t push the issue too much. Seems like the timing was meant to be. On March 11 the Japan Earthquake hit. It altered the face of Japan as well as the direction of our collaboration. Erik proposed the idea of turning this into a tribute print since we already had the wave and kanji elements incorporated. He also remembered to properly lay out the direction of the writing and sent me back his version on March 15.

Step 3. The idea of using this effort to raise funds for the Japan Earthquake victims seemed perfect. We always felt that creating work to deliver a positive message should be top priority. With that said we wanted to create an uplifiting piece. I took his revision and simplified it. Kept the wave and added an assortment of colors to symbolize the wave of people from around the world that rushed in to offer support to Japan. This metaphor was inspired by the Olympics logo. Erik had incorporated these abstract stars that loosely resembled people connected which reinforced the underlying global theme. As you can see the calligraphy took a back seat to allow the imagery to shine. Final touch was to add texture so the print wouldn’t look so digital.

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