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Do you work from the comfort of your own home or studio? Want to exercise but not pay tons of money for the gym? If you are like me then keep reading. Below are two DVD home workout programs I have enlisted in for the past two years. What I like most is the variety of workouts and how everything is outlined. I do slack off some days, but I’m just trying to stay in shape here not enter a bodybuilding competition. An essential part to staying healthy is your diet … it’s probably more important than exercising. These programs do a great job at outlining what foods to eat and when to eat them so you can stay fueled throughout the day.  Of course some motivation and self discipline is needed. Like my man Ratha says, “just show up.”

I use this program for my exterior. Building muscle, getting lean, gaining strength, getting ripped, you can do it all with P90X. All you need is a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and about an hour a day. No gym membership required. P90X is driven by the science of Muscle Confusion. With Muscle Confusion your body keeps adapting and growing through the workout.

I use this program for better cardio, core strength, stamina, and energy. Basically to feel good internally. No equipment or weights needed. The secret to this workout is MAX Interval Training where you perform long bursts of ultra-high intensity moves followed by brief periods of rest. Due to this fact, each workout keeps your body fully engaged as you rotate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals.

P90X/Insanity Hybrid
Currently this is my regiment which I started this earlier this year after finishing both P90x and Insanity twice over. It combines the best of both worlds and has given me optimum results. I can now climb freeway walls and run faster from the police. Jokes. I have noticed an increase in overall strength and cardio compared to doing the two programs independently.

Mini-Exercises and Stretches
Read this article to find out what moves you can do to keep blood flowing at work. Simple and effective.

Top 50 Foods to Fuel Your Workout
This article outlines what foods you need to eat before and after to get the most from your workout.

I know there are many different  exercise programs such as CrossFit, Tabata Training, Zumba and the likes so find one that suits you. More so, push yourself hard, eat right, and stay focused. Want to get inspired? Watch this video.

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  1. timmerton

    “Most people think you have an athletic prime, an age in which a man has reached the best he’ll ever be, and from there it’s all downhill…. Maybe some men have a little less energy than they used to, but if you’ve been working out properly your whole life and eating well, it won’t be much. You see this best in powerlifters and weightlifters, who often break their records in middle age. Some of the strongest record setters for powerlifting have been in their forties and fifties….I’d rather wear out than rust out.” — Iron Mike Webster

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