:: CA Hand Sign ::

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Like how LA has their infamous hand sign I decided to flip one for the entire state of California. Originally, this was going to be a Homegrown Blends shirt, but we felt it wasn’t a right fit for the brand. The concept draws inspiration from California’s fresh, raw, graffiti culture. This is represented with the latex covered hands, which are modeled by yours truly, adorned by an onslaught of ink and paint. Achieving the look was done by throwing paint on the gloves, snapping a handful of photos, then brought into Photoshop. You seen it here first. The official CA hand sign. Fresh Coast Califas. CA all day!


:: Diable Crossfit Timelapse Video ::

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Another Illuminaries.net timelapse video. This time of an earlier project for Diablo Crossfit. You can view more details and stills from the project here.

More MuralsSan Francisco 49ersAguirre Fitness 1Aguirre Fitness 2, Atlanta Falcons

:: “US” Group Artshow ::

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This Friday, July 27th I will be showcasing a new art piece alongside other fresh, local creatives for a group exhibit called “US”. This is taking place at The Usuals in San Jose. Get all the details here on their Facebook invite. Come through if you don’t mind vibing.

:: Mural for Thomas Decoud (Atlanta Falcon’s Safety) ::

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This latest project for Illuminaries (my partner Tim Hon and myself) takes us inside Atlanta Falcon’s Safety Thomas Decoud’s plush home to turn blank walls into graffiti laden surfaces. Here is a timelapse video of the living room wall.

Contact Us: www.illuminaries.net
Past murals: San Francisco 49ersAguirre Fitness 1, Aguirre Fitness 2


:: Homegrown Blends Spring 2012 Artwork ::

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Here’s a closer look at the designs I crafted for the our Homegrown Blends Spring 2012 Collection. We represent the head of the class, the free thinkers, and those with a passionate DIY work ethic. Come vibe with us. www.shophgb.com


:: Instagram | @flavorinnovator ::

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:: The Life & Times ::

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Playing around with some lettering. Inspired by our Little Wonton.

:: Week In Review ::

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Highlight: Cuzzo’s wedding at Triton Museum