:: Illuminaries Rise & Grind Mural in Oakland ::

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In May of 2014 we were commissioned by the Kapor Center for Social Impact to paint a mural that could a.) loosely depict the mission and philosophy of the company b.) speak to the city of Oakland and c.) prevent the waves of vandalism that flushed through these walls on a weekly basis. It’s safe to say we maintained our artistic integrity while completing these objectives. Not an easy task, but we made it happen.

Many thanks to Romali for collaborating with us on this production, the Kapor Center, the city of Oakland, all those who stopped by, Instagrammed … oh and to that chick Fatima who said “we are exploiting black culture” I hope you are enjoying yourself. God bless you. The Illuminaries Rise & Grind mural is located at 2148 Broadway, Oakland, CA. “The greatest humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves.” — Paulo Freire