:: TedxUCDavisSF Redefining Normal Graphic ::

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FlavorInnovator recently designed the main graphic/identity for the TedxUCDavisSF event in San Francisco that happened on May 17, 2015 at the Regency Ballroom. The theme was Redefining Normal. With that I took some cliches and incorporated them into a vintage collage. The Tedx event was a success!


:: Illuminaries Gym Mural in The Villages, Florida ::

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We made a trip to The Villages, Florida to paint a gym for seven awesome adopted kids. Crazy story of how we ended up there. Tiger Wood’s charity had an auction where Tim set up an Illuminaries mural for bid. Someone bought it. Flew us out. We painted.

The Villages itself and the ranch we were on was wild. The kids had it good. I’m talking acres of land in a lavish golf community, 20 horses, their own 5,000 sq ft gym, own school, pool, plane hangar, playground, and some generous parents. ‪#‎illuminaries‬ is for the kids.

Big ups to Ashrok AloveSupreme and Erock for all the help!


:: Rudeboi “Immigrant Noise” Artwork + Download ::

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I met this cat @thelikklerudeboi online and reached out to him to pair his music with my design. When he leaked me this album so I could create the artwork I knew it would be effortless. Rarely anything is except the shit we are truly passionate about.

This album is fire. I really grinned and smiled when I listened to it. Like when I first heard Nas’s Illmatic or Blu’s Below The Heavens. Heavy rotation.

Video of my design process below.


::Illuminaries Hercules Crossfit Mural ::

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Another Illuminaries mural. This time for Hercules Crossfit. Dimensions are 30’w x 15’h. Got out of our comfort zone by having @kruptdotcom do the lettering while I finessed the Pegasus. Timelapse video down below.


:: 5 Questions To Ask Before Meeting A Client ::

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As a creative in this industry or even someone running your own business you are going to get tons of inquiries about projects – someone sends an email, you reply, schedule a meeting/call, and draft a proposal only to never hear back from them. Time wasted. The problem is how do you filter out the potentially productive prospects vs. the unproductive ones?

Before we get into the questions I have to give credit to Rhonda Page for elaborating on these questions. She is a fellow creative who has spent 25 years in the design and branding business – starting as a designer then progressively mastering client services and business development. Rhonda sees both sides of the coin. As a creative you might have an award-winning portfolio but clients primarily want to know if you can solve their problems. Can you? With each inquiry think of it as a strategic partnership and what kind of energy you both bring to the table. Don’t be attached to the outcome if you land the job or not. Rather focus on determining if the parties are well enough aligned to proceed. These 5 questions you ask upfront will save time and benefit clients and creatives alike.

1.) How did this project come about?
You want to find out the story. Does it interest you? What is the series of events that lead up to this? Why are they contacting you? Try to find out what role you will play in this and what problem needs solving.

2.) Who are the decision makers?
You need to find out who they are. Push to meet with them.

3.) What is your budget?
The trickiest question of all. Do this over the phone. If they don’t have an answer then give them a range saying it will cost X amount of dollars. Wait to hear their response. Their tone of voice over the phone can dictate a lot.

4.) How serious are you about moving forward with this project?
What is the time frame? Are they ready to start the next day? If they say they are looking for estimates, then find out what it will take to make them move forward.

5.) Who else are you talking to for this project?
You want to see if they narrowed in on your or are just shopping around. If they are talking to 2-3 other vendors that’s okay. More than 5 is a red flag.

If you feel a connection and think you are a match then proceed with the meeting. Everyone wants to do fruitful work with folks they trust and enjoy. These questions will help you get there faster.

What questions do you ask when a client inquires about your services?



:: “Gratitude” Hand Drawn Script Lettering Process ::

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Sneak peak the recipe. Here’s a behind the scenes of my process into creating hand drawn lettering and type. There’s no cookie cutter way around this. The basis of this process is possessing a solid drawing ability and a good understanding of letterforms, typography, spacing, composition, and such forths. Enjoy!


:: Feed Your Soul Apron + Bottle Opener ::

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Fresh off the presses and now available in the FlavorInnovator Store is this all purpose apron and bottle opener set. It’s not uncommon to see folks in aprons and in their element: Chefs, Artists, Baristas, Hairstylists, Pitmasters, Bartenders, and Domestic Workers just to name a few. Aside from being a protective garment why not sport one that speaks to you and your craft? Suit up.

Special thanks to Chris Grunge at AGW Screen Works for taking care of me. Mad respect. Support those who support you.

Purchase: Feed Your Soul Apron + Bottle Opener


:: Illuminaries Rise & Grind Mural in Oakland ::

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In May of 2014 we were commissioned by the Kapor Center for Social Impact to paint a mural that could a.) loosely depict the mission and philosophy of the company b.) speak to the city of Oakland and c.) prevent the waves of vandalism that flushed through these walls on a weekly basis. It’s safe to say we maintained our artistic integrity while completing these objectives. Not an easy task, but we made it happen.

Many thanks to Romali for collaborating with us on this production, the Kapor Center, the city of Oakland, all those who stopped by, Instagrammed … oh and to that chick Fatima who said “we are exploiting black culture” I hope you are enjoying yourself. God bless you. The Illuminaries Rise & Grind mural is located at 2148 Broadway, Oakland, CA. “The greatest humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves.” — Paulo Freire


:: Illuminaries Painting Live in Oakland & Berkeley ::

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We’re going to be painting live this week. Come vibe with us!

Friday for Oakland Art Murmur:
2142 Broadway, Oakland, CA (at 22nd)
All day / night
w/ Romali Licudan and music by Brian Bluz Lu

Saturday for Hip Hop in the Park:
People’s Park in Berkeley, CA
12noon – 5pm
w/ Romali Licudan