:: (Case Study) DJ Goldenchyld Logo Redesign ::

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Dominic “Goldenchyld” Cueto is an accomplished DJ/Producer from San Jose, CA and has rocked countless audiences from around the world with his showmanship through the turntable arts. He has over 15 years of DJ and production experience and is a founding member of The Bangerz Crew. When he asked FlavorInnovator for assistance with a logo redesign the challenge was gladly accepted.

Problem: His previous logo mark was current and had a nice visual weight. However, it became illegible when scaled down. On top of that it felt a bit too structured. Needed to stand its own in a diverse music community.

Solution: Develop a brash, handwritten mark that is clear, and can adapt to a range of environments and screen sizes.




Initial sketches and type explorations.




Initial concepts fleshed out digitally. He chose A2 and A5 to explore further. A2 because of the readability and handwritten aspect. Graffiti but not really. A5 because of the classic element.



Revisions … plus a pass at a futuristic/electronic concept. At this point A12 was looking like the winner with the exception of a few changes.





Before and after. Did this improve on the old mark?



:: (Case Study) Logo Design Process for BVMO Music ::

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BVMO is a music collective made up of individuals all coming from different backgrounds. Comprised of Dstrukt, SmoovGroovs, Shea Butter, and Rcade these musically forward thinking individuals strive to create a unique look, feel, and sound to their product. Their genres range from Remix, HipHop, Electronic, Funk, House, Boogie, Soul, to Progressive. Our initial brainstorm for the logo was peppered with adjectives like old school, new school, futuristic, spacey, and vintage. Here is how FlavorInnovator designed the BVMO logomark.



There was a wide array of ideologies to incorporate into one single graphic, but I pushed forward with a direction that suited them — futuristic. The type treatment would allow the name to be prominent while taking on futuristic qualities. I was hoping they would choose A1 because there were endless possibilities with color and using the overlapping elements as a texture for future business collateral. BVMO is also know for taking selfies with their “fonk horn” gang sign so I implemented that personal aspect into a few of the proofs.




Although they really liked A1 they threw a curve ball and asked me to explore a totally new direction using a space helmet. I wasn’t really into the idea at first especially when they sent me their rough sketch. However, after I started sketching things out I saw that the helmet was iconic, visually pleasing, and fit the futuristic theme perfectly. Some times it takes that curve ball to get you out of your box and see things from a different angle and I’m glad BVMO did that. That sketch though!



B6 was the direction to refine. BVMO mentioned they wanted a simple iconic helmet and a detailed helmet that would have stars so I combined the best of both worlds. A really detailed logo wouldn’t work well since they’re meant to be legible when scaled to various sizes. After playing around with the typeface in various locations B7 was the winner. Did some minor tweaks to the logo and there you have it. A rather painless logo exploration for some supremely talented folks! Follow their journey: BVMO on Facebook


:: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 ::

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1. Honeymoon Videos – Video recap of our honeymoon in Thailand
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3. Time Management – Learn how to manage your time more efficiently
4. Calligraphy Process Video – A new style is born live on screen
5. Help Japan Print – An effort to help those affected by the Tsunami
6. Money Management – Easily set up your money to work for you
7. Honeydipped Series Unveiled – My biggest personal project this year
8. SJ City Lettering Series – An ode to the city of San Jose
9. Give Thanks Free PSD – Download one of my photoshop files for free
10. 5 Natural Ways to Avoid Getting Sick – A personal guide to avoid getting sick


:: (Case Study) Help Japan Print ::

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First of all, I am thankful to all of you who are donating to a worthy cause. Originally, this collaboration between Erik Otto and myself was meant to be an honest meeting of the minds. I recently finished designing my asian, calligraphy-inspired alphabet. I thought why not make a poster from it? The vision was that each letter would be decorated individually as its own world. Erik came to mind for this collaboration. His use of houses, waves, and organic, hand drawn elements would compliment each letter properly. As timing would have it, our vision altered beast into an unexpected body of work.

Continue reading to see the entire process

:: (Case Study) Logo for SmoovGroovs ::

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As part of my new website launch I had a contest in which the winner would receive a logo design crafted by FlavorInnovator for free. The heralded winner was San Jose bred DJ + Producer, SmoovGroovs. His style is, well, smooth. Throw in a few generous dashes of Neo Soul, Hiphop, and Future Beats and that’s a fair assessment. We aimed to construct a logo that could speak to his target audience of mature movers and shakers yet match his witty flair. So how did FlavorInnovator approach this task?
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:: (Case Study) Logo for Mark J. Sebastian ::

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How do you develop a logo for a seasoned photographer with a matching client list to boast? The initial meeting with Mark J. Sebastian allowed us to figure out his needs and what values the logo was meant to embody. A few of the feelings he wanted captured were timeless, non-instrusive, simple, clean, and bold. Assuming that’s how every logo should turn out I asked him what characteristics his logo should adopt. Sun, energy, light, triangle, skull, danger, and ninja were words he quickly mentioned. Ninja? Right then I knew this was project was going to be a blast!

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