:: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 ::

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1. Honeymoon Videos – Video recap of our honeymoon in Thailand
2. DIY Blank Walls for Cheap – Decorate your home for cheap
3. Time Management – Learn how to manage your time more efficiently
4. Calligraphy Process Video – A new style is born live on screen
5. Help Japan Print – An effort to help those affected by the Tsunami
6. Money Management – Easily set up your money to work for you
7. Honeydipped Series Unveiled – My biggest personal project this year
8. SJ City Lettering Series – An ode to the city of San Jose
9. Give Thanks Free PSD – Download one of my photoshop files for free
10. 5 Natural Ways to Avoid Getting Sick – A personal guide to avoid getting sick


:: 5 Natural Ways To Avoid Getting Sick ::

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We hate getting sick. When there is work to be done, mouths to feed, functions to attend, being sick isn’t on my To-Do list. I’m sure it’s not on your list either. Alternative medicine might be all that you need when it comes to prevention or curing an illness. For the past few years I’ve adopted these techniques and my body has been chugging along with no major speed bumps. No flu shot either. So, if you’re looking for a few natural ways to avoid getting sick this year please keep reading.

Wash your hands. You hear this time and time again but I’m here to tell you once more. Our hands carry germs and viruses freely like a carpool lane. A bit of soap and scrubbing will easily turn that carpool lane into the slow lane. Also, don’t forget to exercise, take vitamins, and get some proper shut eye.

Originally from the Ayurvedic/yoga medical tradition, this ceramic pot looks like a cross between a small teapot and Aladdin’s magic lamp. Magical indeed. When you want relief for your sinus problems look no further than the Neti Pot. This treatment thins the mucus and flushes out your nasal passages using a water and salt mixture. A bit tricky to use at first but the relief is instant.

My mom used make her own version of this for me every time I had a sore throat or came down with a cold. Now that I think about it this tonic is similiar to the infamous Master Cleanse. Ginger is know to ease digestion and nausea. Lemons are high in potassium and vitamin C so its a good antioxidant and helps flush out toxins. Honey is a natural energy booster and great for building immunity. Cayenne Pepper has capsaicin, which has been proven effective against pain. Better than chicken soup!

1 cup water
1″ or so ginger root, peeled and smashed or grated
1 lemon wedge, or to taste
1 teaspoon honey, or to taste
Dash of cayenne pepper

Directions: Microwave the water for 1-2 minutes. Add ginger, lemon (squeeze it into the water then drop the whole thing in), honey, and cayenne to water and stir.  Sip while hot and drink to good health.

Remember my video for this recipe? This shake has been a part of my daily diet for the past few years. I used to get in that midday slump, around 2pm, where a nap was very necessary. However, with this in rotation I can keep pounding the pavement with a clear mind. The key ingredients in this recipe are Wheat Germ and Flax Seeds. These wonder “foods”, well, do wonders for your heart, digestive system, skin, and are packed with many of the vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning.

1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 TB whole flax seed
2 TB wheat germ
1 handful of kale or spinach
1/2 cup pineapple or other fruit
1 1/2 cup orange juice
1 cup water

Directions: Combine all ingredients in order in a blender. Blend well and until the flax seeds are finely ground, about 10 seconds. Serve and enjoy that wholesome goodness. Makes 4 servings.

I take one of these if I feel my body may be coming down with a cold. Supposedly the zinc formula releases zinc ions to fight your cold virus. This in turn will help decrease the severity of the cold and shorten the length of time you are sick. No more being out of commission for two to three days with a cold.

So there you have it, my personal playbook I use to defend against the pathogens of this world. What other remedies do you have to prevent or cure your sickness? Please share in the comments section.


:: (DIY) Decorate Blank Walls for Cheap ::

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Ever wanted to decorate the drab walls in your home or office but not spend a fortune on artwork? Me too. In the process of looking for artwork to grace our walls it became obvious that canvases cost too much, posters looked cheap, and Ikea wasn’t cutting it anymore. We needed large panels to accompany our high ceilings. My wife came across this article that provided us with the perfect solution … Fabric Panel wall art. You could customize the size of your “canvas”, choose your own fabrics/art, and it wouldn’t cost triple digits. Winning!

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