:: Oakland A’s Stomper Mural by Illuminaries ::

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On Monday, March 27th 2017 the illuminaries and Oakland Athletics had their official mural unveiling for one of Oakland’s largest murals measuring @ 100’x100′.  “Rise & Grind” is a huge mural showcasing Stomper as a war elephant carrying the town on his back. Located at 355 19th St (at Webster), Oakland, CA.

NBC Bay Area
Monterey Herald 
LIVE 105

:: CCMS x NFL Play 60 Mural by Illuminaries ::

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This one was humbling. Illuminaries got to build with and inspire the comrades. Cesar Chavez Middle School & Safe Routes to School received a grant from the NFL Play 60 to get kids active. The solution was to have a mural to draw attention to the bike rack area since it was hidden and unkempt. A piece that shows diversity and equality. Land, air, and sea … boys and girls … enemies turned friends … just cruising. We invited the students to paint and had them vibing. Besides the art they had a ribbon cutting ceremony and a helmet giveaway. Definitely reinforced why we do what we do.


:: Jute Crossfit Mural by Illuminaries ::

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Had hella fun painting this mural for Jute Crossfit in Benicia, CA. There’s nothing better than knowing how much your artwork is going to make a difference and how much it’s appreciate. Alan and his team are stand up characters. I trust they are going to be around for a long time. Salute! To see more of our murals visit www.illuminaries.net.


:: Illuminaries x Cesar Chavez Middle School Mural ::

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Timelapse footage of our latest mural … We threw down on the music building at Cesar Chavez Middle School in Union City, CA this past week. Painting during school hours was an experience. We heard a gang of quotes, but the illest was “I love the smell of spray paint!”

Really amazing how the principal and teachers pushed to make this happen for the kids. Thank you for being progressive enough to redefine what a typical school mural should entail.


:: Illuminaries Steph Curry / Dubs Mural ::

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Golden State Warriors “Dubs” mural featuring Stephen Curry doing the infamous Mac Dre thizz face. Located at corner of 27th Street and Northgate, Oakland, CA.
Dubs All Day Golden State Warriors mural in conjunction with Tony.PSD. Located at Lumber Baron at 500 Cleveland Ave, Albany, CA

A few weeks into the 2015 NBA Finals we had an opportunity to paint a few Golden State Warriors / DUBS murals. Little did we know how much this would catch on. It spread like wild fire! You can see all the press below. Aside from all that it’s the Warriors and the fans that made it happen. Congratulations on becoming 2015 NBA Champions!

NBC Bay Area
CBS Sports
Bleacher Report

Warriors Twitter

You can still purchase shirts of our mural at the Illuminaries Store.

:: Illuminaries Gym Mural in The Villages, Florida ::

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We made a trip to The Villages, Florida to paint a gym for seven awesome adopted kids. Crazy story of how we ended up there. Tiger Wood’s charity had an auction where Tim set up an Illuminaries mural for bid. Someone bought it. Flew us out. We painted.

The Villages itself and the ranch we were on was wild. The kids had it good. I’m talking acres of land in a lavish golf community, 20 horses, their own 5,000 sq ft gym, own school, pool, plane hangar, playground, and some generous parents. ‪#‎illuminaries‬ is for the kids.

Big ups to Ashrok AloveSupreme and Erock for all the help!


::Illuminaries Hercules Crossfit Mural ::

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Another Illuminaries mural. This time for Hercules Crossfit. Dimensions are 30’w x 15’h. Got out of our comfort zone by having @kruptdotcom do the lettering while I finessed the Pegasus. Timelapse video down below.


:: Illuminaries Rise & Grind Mural in Oakland ::

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In May of 2014 we were commissioned by the Kapor Center for Social Impact to paint a mural that could a.) loosely depict the mission and philosophy of the company b.) speak to the city of Oakland and c.) prevent the waves of vandalism that flushed through these walls on a weekly basis. It’s safe to say we maintained our artistic integrity while completing these objectives. Not an easy task, but we made it happen.

Many thanks to Romali for collaborating with us on this production, the Kapor Center, the city of Oakland, all those who stopped by, Instagrammed … oh and to that chick Fatima who said “we are exploiting black culture” I hope you are enjoying yourself. God bless you. The Illuminaries Rise & Grind mural is located at 2148 Broadway, Oakland, CA. “The greatest humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves.” — Paulo Freire


:: Illuminaries Painting Live in Oakland & Berkeley ::

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We’re going to be painting live this week. Come vibe with us!

Friday for Oakland Art Murmur:
2142 Broadway, Oakland, CA (at 22nd)
All day / night
w/ Romali Licudan and music by Brian Bluz Lu

Saturday for Hip Hop in the Park:
People’s Park in Berkeley, CA
12noon – 5pm
w/ Romali Licudan