:: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 ::

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1. Honeymoon Videos – Video recap of our honeymoon in Thailand
2. DIY Blank Walls for Cheap – Decorate your home for cheap
3. Time Management – Learn how to manage your time more efficiently
4. Calligraphy Process Video – A new style is born live on screen
5. Help Japan Print – An effort to help those affected by the Tsunami
6. Money Management – Easily set up your money to work for you
7. Honeydipped Series Unveiled – My biggest personal project this year
8. SJ City Lettering Series – An ode to the city of San Jose
9. Give Thanks Free PSD – Download one of my photoshop files for free
10. 5 Natural Ways to Avoid Getting Sick – A personal guide to avoid getting sick


:: Stretches to Relieve Back Pain ::

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Nowadays most of us are in front of the computer designing the most magical of logos, crunching numbers into the matrix, trolling on the web, or trying to get an elite status on Yelp. Whatever the case, sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your back. A lot of us have probably been zoning out in front of the monitor for over a decade with a many more decades to go. So that’s why I want to share with you a few effective back stretches I’ve employed over the years to prevent or temporarily heal back pain. Do these a few times a week at home or at work and your back will be thankful.

Lower Back Towel Stretch
This is my favorite stretch and is a free alternative to the lumbar back stretchers you see being sold on the internet. Try lying on your back flat on the floor with a rolled towel under the small of your lower back. The height of the towel when it’s rolled up should be no bigger than your fist or five inches. It might hurt a bit at first but try to relax completely. It takes fifteen minutes to realign and stretch your back muscles with this position. If you can’t do fifteen minutes from the beginning then slowly work your way up. Use the time to meditate and you’ll be doing your body two goods instead of one. When you come out of the stretch turn very slowly onto your side and then lay on your stomach for a minute before getting up.


Have other stretches you do to relieve back pain? Please share your knowledge in the comments section.