:: Illuminaries Shark Mural in Hollywood ::

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So we went to Hollywood to bless this wall back in October 2013. It’s our largest mural, in scale and visibility, to date. 100′ wide x 25′ tall. Pulled 3 all nighters. Had the LAPD send out 4 cop cars and a helicopter to investigate. Got opposition from the CEO of Capitol Records. She kicked us off the parking lot and said we couldn’t paint on their property so we decided to come back and paint at night. All the drama aside we did the best we could with the resources we had. Big ups to Sam, Ron, Erock, and Kero for toughing it out with us. The mural is a portrait of Hollywood in Hollywood. A goldfish trying to be a shark hooked on chasing the dollar. The mural is located at the Lexington Social House at 1718 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (across from the defunct Capitol Records building).  www.illuminaries.net


:: Illuminaries Art Show w/ DJ Bluz on Friday, Dec 13 ::

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Peace fam-a-lam!

Join us Friday, December 13th for our very first Illuminaries art show featuring new artwork, limited edition posters, postcards, and T-shirts. Be the first to see Illuminaries in rare form. Next door Cukui, will be having an artshow with the ill Sam Rodriguez as well. It’s like a mini art walk!

Location: 2twenty5
Address: 225 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA
Time: 6pm-10pm
Music: Brian Bluz Lu (https://soundcloud.com/djbluz)
Price: Free and family friendly

Who are Illuminaries?
The Illuminaries are Steve Ha and Tim Hon. Most notably recognized for their work with Vernon Davis and the San Francisco 49ers they have been on a mission blessing walls in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Angeles. With an extensive background in graffiti and graphic design they specialize in high impact, energizing decor. Their passion is improving indoor and outdoor spaces with the creative use of traditional or digital mediums.

Come vibe with us.


:: Mural at Shakespeare Books in Berkeley ::

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In August we did a mural located at Shakespeare Books & Co on historic Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. This was one for the books, no pun intended, and was truly a community effort. We got funding byShakespeare Books and the Telegraph Business Improvement District, enlisted the help of a few folks from People’s Park to talk to folks and be our security, had live music courtesy of DJ Bluz, painted live for a huge influx of visitors and college students, and even had someone try to steal our paint. A great time none the less. As my partner Tim said, “I believe people are influenced by their environment, and their surroundings, and we aim to make a positive impact on that old building.” We definitely did.

Media News Group
East Bay Express
Daily Cal


:: Recent FlavorInnovator Projects ::

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Been updating my Instagram (@flavorinnovator) as of late, but plan to get back on track with my blog. What have I been up to? Running FlavorInnovator full time, being a stay at home dad raising our Lil Wonton, producing murals under our Illuminaries alias, plotting and planning as well as doing the normal everyday hustle and bustle.

:: Illuminaries x Homegrown Blends Birds Mural ::

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Here is our finished piece at The Sparkling Carwash on 55 N Saratoga Ave, San Jose. (L to R) Phoenix by Tim Hon, Crane by Romali Licudan, and Rooster by yours truly. The idea was to flip a Chinese New Year theme, but instead of the snake we chose to do birds. The Phoenix symbolizes resurrection and strength, the Crane longevity, and the Rooster is known for warding off evil spirits. I consider this a big accomplishment for me since I haven’t drawn a character since forever. Always fun and refreshing painting with my dudes!

Support the movementwww.illuminaries.net  /  www.shophgb.com

:: Niners “City Bleeds Gold” Mural in San Francisco ::

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Another Illuminaries mural finished. This piece is located at the Masonic Temple (above the Factory 2-U) on Mission Street between 22nd and 23rd in San Francisco. The mural was completed on January 24th. However, we were contacted by KTVU, NBC, and CBS a few days before the Superbowl so they could get some news coverage. It’s always fun to see how things snowball, and they type of reactions we get.

NBC – SF Artists Paint 49ers Mural
CBS – Artists Getting Big Attention For 49ers Murals (video)

Contact Us: www.illuminaries.net
More MuralsSan Francisco 49ersAguirre Fitness 1Aguirre Fitness 2Atlanta Falcons, SF Giants, Kinetik, Niners Faithful


:: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012 ::

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1. Birth of Our Lil Wonton – Our baby girl, Sofie, is born on Mother’s Day
2. Niners Mural – Featured on the news and signed by Vernon Davis
3. SF Giants Mural – Detailed pics of our piece for the 2012 World Series Champs
4. Give Thanks – Timelapse video showing my entire design process in Photoshop
5. Aguirre Fitness Mural – Timelapse video of our graffiti mural
6. CA Hand Sign – Official California hand sign design
7. Thomas Decoud Mural – Timelapse of mural for the Atlanta Falcon’s Safety
8. HGB Photoshoot – BTS footage of our photoshoot for Kazbah
9. HGB 10 Year recap – Photo recap of our 10yr party shot by Mike Sumoto
10. Hennessy and Coke – A product design everyone would love to see

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:: Illuminaries Living Room Mural ::

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Talk about enlivening a space. We, Illuminaries, got to bless this living room wall in Danville, CA. It’s not everyday you get someone who wants to pay for some graffiti art in their home, while allowing their kids to play in the adjacent room with no gas mask.

:: San Francisco 49ers Faithful Mural in San Jose ::

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Another Illuminaries mural. This time for the Niners “Faithful” of San Jose. This piece is located at the Sparkling Carwash, 55 N. Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA.