:: Kero Uno “Reflection Eternal” Album Art ::

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Blessed the artwork for my good friend Kero Uno’s (fka Kero One) new album Reflection Eternal. It features one of my favorite emcees, Blu, includes the lead single “Princess Diamond” and Starro Remix*. Available on Vinyl, CD, and MP3 at www.PlugLabel.com


:: FiveStone & Piper “Walk As One” Cover Art ::

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Recent artwork for FiveStone and Piper “Walk As One” entrance theme music. The thumbnails are early versions of the cover before arriving at the final solution. You can listen to the track here on YouTube or head over to www.FiveStone.net


:: Rudeboi “Immigrant Noise” Artwork + Download ::

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I met this cat @thelikklerudeboi online and reached out to him to pair his music with my design. When he leaked me this album so I could create the artwork I knew it would be effortless. Rarely anything is except the shit we are truly passionate about.

This album is fire. I really grinned and smiled when I listened to it. Like when I first heard Nas’s Illmatic or Blu’s Below The Heavens. Heavy rotation.

Video of my design process below.


:: (Case Study) Logo Design Process for BVMO Music ::

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BVMO is a music collective made up of individuals all coming from different backgrounds. Comprised of Dstrukt, SmoovGroovs, Shea Butter, and Rcade these musically forward thinking individuals strive to create a unique look, feel, and sound to their product. Their genres range from Remix, HipHop, Electronic, Funk, House, Boogie, Soul, to Progressive. Our initial brainstorm for the logo was peppered with adjectives like old school, new school, futuristic, spacey, and vintage. Here is how FlavorInnovator designed the BVMO logomark.



There was a wide array of ideologies to incorporate into one single graphic, but I pushed forward with a direction that suited them — futuristic. The type treatment would allow the name to be prominent while taking on futuristic qualities. I was hoping they would choose A1 because there were endless possibilities with color and using the overlapping elements as a texture for future business collateral. BVMO is also know for taking selfies with their “fonk horn” gang sign so I implemented that personal aspect into a few of the proofs.




Although they really liked A1 they threw a curve ball and asked me to explore a totally new direction using a space helmet. I wasn’t really into the idea at first especially when they sent me their rough sketch. However, after I started sketching things out I saw that the helmet was iconic, visually pleasing, and fit the futuristic theme perfectly. Some times it takes that curve ball to get you out of your box and see things from a different angle and I’m glad BVMO did that. That sketch though!



B6 was the direction to refine. BVMO mentioned they wanted a simple iconic helmet and a detailed helmet that would have stars so I combined the best of both worlds. A really detailed logo wouldn’t work well since they’re meant to be legible when scaled to various sizes. After playing around with the typeface in various locations B7 was the winner. Did some minor tweaks to the logo and there you have it. A rather painless logo exploration for some supremely talented folks! Follow their journey: BVMO on Facebook


:: CD Art for DJ BLUZ: PLSTK Mix Series 008 ::

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Designed this CD Cover for a very talented friend of mine, DJ Bluz. His latest mix was being promoted by the good folks at PLSTK so I knew I had to come correct. What I loved most was the play on the 008 series and the infinity symbol as it seem to fit everyone’s aesthetic.   Bluz made the music, I designed the artwork, and PLSTK made it tangible. Listen to the sick mix below!


:: Disflex6 “Odyssey” Album Art ::

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I still love designing album covers. Especially, when you vibe with the music and given creative freedom. This was for the homies Disflex6 (Sunset Leagues) new album Odyssey which is slated for release very soon. Add them to your rotation. Can you spy the FlavorInnovator logo?


:: Homegrown Blends at F.A.M.E. ::

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Stop by the Homegrown Blends and FlavorInnovator booth this Saturday, April 28th to see the new goods in store. F.A.M.E. is a bi-annual event that strives to collectively gather fashion, art, and music to exhibit the work of passionate artists of every caliber and every medium. F.A.M.E. : The Masquerade not only shares this unique experience with the general public but also the opportunity to take home a piece of it.

Detailed infowww.bobbivie.com/fame


:: CD Art for Future Hop by Goldenchyld + Don Prahfit ::

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Another fun collaboration between photographer Mark J. Sebastian and myself. This time for San Jose natives Goldenchyld (Bangerz) and Don Prahfit (Specialist Music Group) for their album Future Hop: Modern Day Renegades. For the concept we originally planned to display a side/profile view of them in the act of teleporting from one dimension into another.  As Mark was about to wrap up the photoshoot we figured the result would of been too chaotic for an album cover so we scrapped that. The idea of unveiling a “warp zone” came to mind during a brief pow wow and we ran with it. There was an issue getting their hands in the right position, but as you can see we made due with the props on set. Great effort by everyone involved.

Download Album: Future Hop : Modern Day Renegades